Introducing CDD Skate Arte

Introducing CDD Skate Arte

AllCity X in collaboration with Clown Skateboards, In Action CIC  and Damian Platt are working together to help The CDD SKATE ARTE project in Brazil raise funds for classes, sporting/cultural events, workshops, and lectures.

Proceeds from the CITY OF GOD skate DROP 01 will directly go to CDD Skate Arte to continue their work with the children of the Cidade de Deus community. 


City of God - Limited Edition triptych


Meet Guerrinho - CDD Skate Arte ambassador


The CDD SKATE ARTE project was born in 2018 in the face of the military intervention that was taking place in Rio de Janeiro. As a countermeasure, they decided to carry out a socio-cultural intervention in Cidade De Deus, which was the scene of the urban warfare that was taking place that year. The project succeeded in renovating a skate park in the favela, collected 15 skateboards for classes and promoted sporting/cultural events, workshops and lectures.




Photo credits: Matheus Rodrigues

Photo credits: Matheus Rodrigues


Sport can be a way of transforming the lives of children and young people. It can give them a different path in life if they decide to become professionals, or it can serve as a necessary escape tool. It's very important in the favela because it's a breath of fresh air in the midst of so many bad events. Together they expand community coexistence through integrated actions that complement sports development. The increase of more than 100% from 2011 to 2021 shows that the number of skateboarders has never risen so significantly. Every child's development must start with experimentation and awareness. What a child is, what they feel and know, they learn through their senses and direct contact.


Today they run classes twice a week in Praça Quirino, area 13, offering cultural and sporting activities to 60 children and young people. Promoting social inclusion through weekly skateboarding classes, encouraging sports initiation as a strategy for new opportunities, a tool for combating marginalization and urban violence, bringing a different worldview, autonomy and health to the participants. The weekly classes occur both in the square and in the Sesi Cidania space, where we have secured a partnership to use the rooms and auditorium.

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Proceeds from all purchases from the CITY OF GOD - Drop 01 go towards supporting this fantastic community initiative. 


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