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AllCity X Launches Skate Collection Honouring CITY OF GOD's 21st Anniversary at Clown's HQ

AllCity X, in an official partnership with Clown Skateboards, The Festival Agency and Wild Bunch, recently unveiled its new skate collection at Clown's HQ in Peckham's Copeland Park. This launch, marking the 21st anniversary of "City of God," uniquely blended skate culture, art, and cinema, with a strong focus on supporting the communities featured in the film.


"City of God," directed by Fernando Meirelles, is renowned for its vivid portrayal of life in a Rio de Janeiro favela, earning a spot on IMDB's top 25 films list and a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. In tribute to this cinematic masterpiece, AllCity X's skate collection begins with an exclusive multimedia artwork board triptych, limited to 50 editions. This initial release sets the tone for a series of artistic pieces, with more exciting additions to be announced soon.


The sales from this collection will support social projects in Rio's favelas, in partnership with In Action CIC and Damian Platt MBE, who is noted for his work in human rights and community development. During the launch, Platt emphasised the continuing challenges for children in these communities, highlighting the importance of initiatives like this.

The launch also shone a light on the CDD SKATE ARTE project, a positive force since 2018 in Cidade De Deus, the real-life setting of "City of God." This project, which includes renovating a skate park and offering skateboarding classes, has become a vital part of the community. Currently, it offers cultural and sporting activities to 60 children and youths, playing a crucial role in promoting social inclusion and offering a peaceful alternative in a region affected by urban violence.

CDD Skate Arte, Cidade de Deus - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

At AllCity X, we're not just celebrating the impact of "City of God" on cinema and culture; we're actively engaging in shaping a better future for the communities that inspired the film. Through our collection and collaborations, we're dedicated to using our platform for more than just artistic expression. We're here to make a real difference, combining creativity with community support and making every launch an opportunity to bring positive change.

is in cinemas worldwide from February 23

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